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Pakistan Real Estate Forecast 2019

Pakistan real estate forecast 2019 is the most awaited post of the upcoming year. In this years forecast we will give you an insight about the upcoming projects and various investments in selected areas all over Pakistan which are expected to perform well in 2019.  We will also soon make a video explaining it further.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask us and leave a comment or join our discussion forum.

The year 2019 is upon us and we all want to know what may be expected in the real estate sector in the coming year but before we move on to Pakistan real estate forecast 2019 let us first do a summary round up of the year 2018.

We wish you all a happy and prosperous 2019 and as a gift we will share with you ideas for future investment in Pakistan property in 2019.

Summary round up of 2018

2018 has been a great year in real estate regardless of what some may believe. At imlaak we have made huge profits for our investors in areas we mentioned in our Pakistan real estate forecast 2018.

DHA Peshawar, 9 Town and Goldcrest Mall (It was not mentioned in previous forecast but marketed by imlaak in 2018) offered huge returns on investment and up to 40 % gains were achieved. On the economic side though we were able to successfully hedge against the very rare PKR depreciation of 28% against Dollar.

As predicted in 2018, the real estate market was generally driven by home buyers rather than investors. The 4 Marla commercial file prices in Phase 8 and Rahber is the only thing that went down by the end of the year 2018 against my prediction but only by 10% and therefore we are still in a very safe zone.

Present market conditions

I am very optimistic for the Pakistan Real Estate Forecast 2019 and believe that a lot of great things lay ahead. will be expanding its limits to other areas as well soon and we will try to bring international markets at our platform as well to offer you valuable opportunities around the globe.

The present real estate market is most suitable for an aware investor who has an in depth understanding or the real estate market. I will therefore suggest that you utilize our consultancy services for future investments. It is a very small price to pay for decisions that will help you make millions and we will chart our plans for you in advance and help you manage your investments.

In my opinion the prices have dropped by 20 to 30% by now in areas which have not shown any increase in the year 2018 and thus a great opportunity lays ahead for expats as they can invest at much cheaper prices now.

Most importantly due to instability in Bahria Karachi, we strongly suggest to keep away from it in 2019 unless things change and Bahria town is able to get out of the present judicial issues.

2019 Pakistan real estate forecast

In 2019 Pakistan Real Estate Forecast we see prices to remain stable in general and at the same time certain areas will offer good returns on investment.

At imlaak we only deal in select societies and bring the most safest investments with maximum growth potentials from all over Pakistan to the table. The list of societies and projects in Pakistan which are best for investment in year 2019 are as under:

  • DHA Lahore Residential Plots
  • DHA Lahore Commercial Plots
  • Imlaak Homes
  • Goldcrest Mall DHA Lahore
  • Defence Raya Phase 6 Commercials
  • DHA Peshawar
  • DHA Gujranwalla
  • DHA Multan
  • Gwadar Open Land
  • Sangar Housing Scheme Gwadar

We have selected these societies based on merit, safety, zero risk and maximum profits.

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